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Over the years, many tenants and prospective tenants have complained about the compexity and perceived unfairness of our Allocation Policy. Many felt it hard to understand how points were awarded or where they stood on the 'queue'.

This policy is a radicial departure from the old system. The new Allocation policy in conjunction with Choice Based Lettings procedures will place customers in much more control of the process.

Our Objectives:

  • To create and maintain a balanced, stable and sustainable community, whilst making the best use of our housing stock.
  • To provide a customer focussed allocation service, which is transparent, consistent, and perceived as fair.
  • An Allocation Policy that is effective, efficient and value for money.
  • Ensure we meet the expressed or felt needs of our customers.
  • Recognise local housing markets and address local needs.
  • Support social and economic regeneration.

CBL Summary


Wellhouse Housing Association will operate a single housing register; this will replace the previous waiting list. Any person wishing to be considered for housing must join the register.

Anyone aged over 16 years can join the register. In some circumstances applications to join the register may be refused e.g. a history of anti social behaviour or large rent arrears.

Letting Bands

BAND A Urgent Housing Need

BAND B Housing Need

BAND C Socio- Economic

BAND D Community Contribution / Aspirational


The Association will allocate according to quotas set for each band. In order to promote balance within the community it is anticipated that each 'Band' will be allocated 25% of all vacant homes.  This procedure will be reviewed at the first annual review.


All vacant properties will be advertised on a fortnightly cycle in local newspapers, on the Associations web site and within the local office. Adverts will also set out the size of property advertised as well as which Band is invited to 'bid'.  Anyone registered can bid for advertised property if the banding criterion is met.

Much more information is available in the following documents:

  • Wellhouse Housing Association - Allocation policy
  • Choice Based Lettings Procedures
  • Public Consultation Leaflet
  • Information Guide

If you wish to apply for a house you must complete our CBL Application Form which is available here and complete our CBL Reference Form which is available here.

The first week of CBL has now closed, more properties will be available shortly.


Click here for a list of properties currently available